Among the anti-static inhibitors, the most widely used product in the industry is static electricity receiver-static electricity anti-static bars, called anti-static bars.

With its new generation design, embedded microprocessor-controlled power unit and an impact distance of up to 700mm, the antistatic HPR series bar has been the choice of machine manufacturers in particular. It provides an easy ionization solution in high-speed processes, in applications where air is not desired, especially in lines that require food and hygiene, and in applications where long mounting distances are required.

It is a static electricity receiver inhibitor product especially developed for use in low weight processes, sensitive paper processes, genuine silk woven fabrics, and thin materials such as cigarette papers.

It is specially designed by using static electricity receiver bars, it is used to remove static electricity, especially in fluid granular materials.

It neutralizes the static electricity charge formed on the surface with the principle of flowing to the profile through millions of sharp points formed by carbon brushes and thus transmitting it to the ground.