How can we help you ?

Puls Elektronik manages the planned maintenance, personnel training and business development processes with its after-sales service network to ensure that the equipment or machines used by our customers who prefer us work perfectly and to support the production quality.

How would you like us to help you?
All you have to do is call us...
Telephone Support
We are waiting for you to serve you with our expert staff between 7:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.
Spare part
We are at your service with our stocks so that you do not have any problems in your production line for the smallest spare part requests.
Equipment Efficiency Tracking
We ensure the continuity of your production quality by monitoring the working efficiency of our products and early warning of all possible risks in your production line.
Video Live Service Support
With our expert team, we provide live support service by calling your employee who needs support in the area of error or during the usage phase, by video calling by our expert team.
Onsite Technical Service
Any requests that cannot be resolved by live support or telephone are at your service with our on-site service teams.
Post Warranty Support
Our products are products whose efficiency and working performance continue long after the warranty period has expired. However, in all possible problems, we are at your service with post-warranty repair and service support, both with our stock and with our expert teams.

After Sales Personnel Training

Employees are given hands-on training for the use of after-sales products, adjustment procedures, and solutions to all possible problems. Your personnel who have completed their training on our products will gain the skills to maximize your production efficiency and to respond quickly to possible problems.

Your trained personnel and company will be instantly informed of possible updates or notifications.