Anti Static Eliminator and Antistatic Bars
Anti Static Capacitive Bars

Anti Static Capacitive Bars

Puls Antistatic bars do not create electrical shockings, can be easiy installed to any location. It is especially developed for processes with precise weighings, paper mills and similar. Does not create arc and spark.

No Calibration required, easy maintencance and cleaning. Machines will provide high quality, secure and hygen production. All pins are capacitvely connected to high voltage. Accordingly, even in case of touch, operator will not be highly shocked. Air applied from compressor shall be dry and clean. It is compacy and light providing simple, silent and effective operation.

General Features
Easyto Install / Quick Discharge Time / Small and Compact / Cost Effective

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: assembly apparatus
: 20x22mm. max. lungth: 4000 mm.
: 5500VAC. 50/60Hz.
: max.70%RH
: Ambient Tempareture - 0-60C
: Operating Distance - min.10- max. 50mm.
: Approval - CE
: Aluminium and Pvc.
: Output Polarite - +/- 50/60Hz.
: Appoval - CE
: Emmiter Pinc - Stainless 304
: PULS Model 3 GKA55 01 0001
: Insulation Resistance - 200 MOH>
: Cable length. max. 2.50 m.
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