HGX-1300 Tipo di pannello indicatore

HGX-1300 Tipo di pannello indicatore


HGX-1300 transmitter, thanks to its compact design, 100Hz sampling speed,resolution of 100.000 and special antivibration and signal filters, is an innovative product for filling/packing machines, tank weighing, overload safety and control applications.It includes access to all parameters over ModBus, reading and writing, as well as remote access for calibration which is very useful for automation systems.For applications in which usage of dead weight is difficult, the system can be easily launched by parametric calibration. Available for loadcells with gain 0,5 ile 4mV/V (Loadcell input signal can be parametrically changed).


• Packing /Filling Machines that requires high speed and accuracy.
• Data generation for Machine/Factory Automation (Digital Data over ModBus or analogue output in industrial standarts)
• Tank/Silo Weighing application and integration to automation system.
• Tension Control Systems with overload safety and weight control applications.

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: 16 bit Anolog output(0-10v,4-20mA,0-20mA) Modbus RTU (RS485 ) 3 relay output
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