S Type Load Cells
ST-2W Series S type Compression Load cell

ST-2W Series S type Compression Load cell


ST-2W type load cells are made of special alloy steel material that isolates it from corrosion and industrial environmental conditions. Operating with shear beam principle and having electrostatically charged paint cover, ST-2W type load cells were designed for compression applications. They are ideal for middle and high capacity applications or for force meters. 10 Tons capacity for tension applications is available. The ST-2W series load cells highly withstand to overloading and to the effects of off-axis loading.

General Applications
- Truck Weighings
- Silo and Tank weighings with middle and high capacities
- Material Testing machines

ST-2W series load cells are produced in 10,20 ton capacities

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: ST-2W
: Accuracy class / C4(OIMLR60)
: Capacity/ Emax 10,20 T
: Min dead load 0 %R.O
: Rated output 2,0 mV/V
: Max.number of load cell interval Nmax. 4000(OIMLR60)
: V min. Emax/10000
: E/max.10000
: Min.dead load output return<0,0125 %R.O
: Zero balence 1 %R.O
: Temperature effect on zero< 0,0070 %R.O/5°C
: Temperature effect on output < 0,0055 %R.O/5°C
: Compensated temperature range -10 /+40 °C
: Temparuture rege safe -30 /+70 °C
: Max. safe central overload 150 %R.O
: Ultimate central overload 300 %R.O
: Exciation 5V
: İnput impedance 380±20 Ω
: Output impedance 350±3 Ω
: Insulatıon resistance >1000 MΩ
: Painted alloy steell
: Environmental protection IP67
: Cable type 2X2x0,22 mm
: Cable length 15m
: 9,7 Kg
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