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Phantom Plus Crane Scale

Phantom Plus Crane Scale


Phantom Plus crane scales are produced to weigh the products, materials or machines which are removed with crane. Phantom Plus Crane Scales are able to make accurate, precise and safe weighing. Phantom Plus Crane Scales can be used in tension measurements .It ensures comfortable using in especially dark places and from far away with a bright LCD display. The display has a good readible angle for easy reading when the materials removed.(For the best reading, the device must be over min. 50cm from eye level) . It has printer option with remote display which makes an impressive view from far away.

10mm width x23mm height 5 digit
hold total, zero, beep, wireless connection, charging indicator, the unit indicator,
inactivity leds
the on/off settings via keypad
the self-closing settings via keypad
calibration via keypad
60 hours of continuous use
Power: 3,7V/3 Ah Li polimer pil / polymer battery
Charging Adapter: 5V/1,2 Ah
Operating temperature: -20/+70°C
Compansated temperature range: -10/+40°C
Capacity: 1,2,5t
Division: 1T x0,2kg- 2Tx0,5kg- 5Tx1kg


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