PCW-2 Checkweigher

PCW-2 Checkweigher


PCW-2, is a checkweigher model 100% engineered and developed in Turkey by Puls R & D Team for checkweighing of middle sized packages that requires high accuracy. In particular, it performs the checking of each packet one by one. After the weighing, the pieces within the specified tolerance limits are allowed to pass over the conveyor while others are rejected. For the rejection option, pushing by a  pneumatical piston is preferred. As the measurement values are continously recorded, data can be succesfully used for reporting purposes. PCS-2 model is generally offered for the weighing of medium sized items. Therefore it is generally manufactured in 3 conveyors (Infeed-Weighing-Outfeed (Reject) Reason for this is that packets with medium size needs to be quickly moved on the conveyor so that the distance of the pieces entering into the weighing conveyor are well adjusted. This adjustment can only be performed by controlling the speed of the infeed conveyor by means of the checkweigher automation. This way, even though the pieces come very quickly, they enter one by one to weighing conveyor.Thanks to its quick set up and easy interface, It is an ideal checkweigher for the departments responsible from quality and manufacturing reportings. Common usage areas include: Food, Cosmetics, Pharma, etc. Weighing Range is 0-6000 gr.

Note: If you have an application out of the ranges specified in the  catalogue values, please contact us. Products are 100% our own design and manufacturing. Accordingly, for special applications, we offer customized designs.

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: 300-400-500-600mm
: 300-400-500-600mm
: PCW-2 Checkweigher
: 0 to 6000 gr. Weighing Range
: 200-250-300mm
: 300-400-500mm
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