Metal Detector Tunnels for Conveyor Belts

Metal Detector Tunnels for Conveyor Belts

       PULS Metal Detector detects high-resistance stainless steel, magnetic and non-magnetic contaminant metals with high sensitivity with its technology that offers superior detection performance.     

       PULS Metal Detection systems use the transmitter / receiver method based on electromagnetic induction. During the process, the metal detector creates a constant electromagnetic field.If a piece of metal passes through the detector, it disturbs the field. Then the received signal is recorded as a metal presence and the presence of metal is detected by creating a warning.
     PULS Metal Detector ensures that your metal detection solution can meet your needs now and in the future with our special designs that can be configured to adapt to your production processes and seamlessly combined with your installed systems. Audible alarms and visual warnings alert operators to events requiring immediate attention to minimize downtime. Components are configured for ease of cleaning and use, to support productivity improvement aims. Rapid set-up and change-over for the elimination or reduction of downtime between production settings changes. The well established software platform provides reliable consistently high levels of detection performance.

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