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HT2 Series Low Profile Compression Load cell

HT2 Series Low Profile Compression Load cell

HT2 Series

HT2 type load cells are low profile. Operating with principle of shear beam, are available in 350 or 700 ohm. It is made of a special alloy steel. The sensing element is covered with special materials that isolate it from industrial environments. Stainless steel and nickel-plated HT2 load cells are highly protected from external agents such as rain, dust, water that can make troubles for a good performance.HT2 load cells were designed for compressing, making it ideal for middle and high capacity applications. It was produced for silo-tank weighing and weighing platform. Low profile makes them ideal especially for that kind of applications in comparison with column type load cells. The HT2 series load cells highly withstand to the effects of off-axis loading caused by wind. For tank and silo applications the mounting accessories are available. HT2 load cells can be used in testing machine also.

- Tank and Silo Weighing Applications
- Middle and High Weighing Platforms
- Material Testing Machine

The HT2 series load cells are produced in 1,2,5,10,20,30,50ton capacities

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: Accuracy class C1
: Capacity /Emax 1-2-5-10-20-30-50- T
: Min.dead load 0 %R.O
: Radet output (mV/V) 2.0
: Max.number of load cell interval Nmax 1000
: V/min /4000
: Emax/Vmin 4000
: Min.dead load output return <0,0500 %R.O
: Zero balance +-1 %R.O
: Temperature effect on zero < 0,0070 %R.O/5°C
: Temperature effect on output< 0,0055 %R.O/5°C
: Compensated temperature range -10 /+40 °C
: Temperature range safe -30 /+70 °C
: central overload 150 %R.O
: Ultimate central overload 300 %R.O
: Excitation 5V
: Input impedance 760±40 Ω
: Output impedance 700±6 Ω
: Insulation resistance >1000 MΩ
: Nickel plated alloy steel construction
: Environmental protection IP67
: Cable type 2X2x0,22 mm
: Cable length.5m
: 10-20T 3,5 kg
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