HGX-1050 Professional Weight Controller

HGX-1050 Professional Weight Controller


HGX-1050, Thanks to its high sampling speed (200Hz) and high analogue sign processing hardware, is a popular product for industrial weighing and control applications. It offers premium solution for display resolution such as 1/100.000 and high speed packing/filling applications.It includes 255 stage software filter so that it generates high speed and reliable results under vibrating environments. Standart 4 relay output (230VAC/5A) can work as a single controller. It includes error correction function, availibility for Gross and Net filling applications, high software abilities for weighing and filling applications. As well as equipped with error correction function that is adaptive to variable tolerances. With its material flow function,it makes contribution to machine reliability and efficiency.Packing/Filling applications with high speed and accuracy.


• Generating Data for Machine / Factory Automations (Digital Data over ModBus or analogue output at industrial standarts)
• Tank/Silo weighing applications and integration with automation system.
• Gross and Net Weighing applications, Manual, Semi Automatic or Full Automatic Weight Controller

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: 20MM 7segment 5 hane LED Display
: Optional analog output
: Adjustable digital signal filtering
: 8 units 350 ohm load cell can be connected
: 3mm green LED
: 2 internal relay outputs + 2 opt.
: 3 opto-isolated digital inputs 12Vdc - 100mA
: 3mm green LED
: 0.5µV/digit
: 1/100.000 display resolution 5 level digital filter.
: 6W
: ADC. count 1.000.000
: 2 ppm / C span stability
: 5Vdc
: ± 80mV
: 220 Vac / 5A
: 5 nV / C zero Stability
: 220 Vac / 50 Hz
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